“...experimenting with fibers and resins, balls and baskets injection modular pediments, promotional events, etc”

Nobody would have thought that when I constructed my first cesta out of meccano and duct tape 28 years ago that It was going to be the beginning of a passionate journey that continues until today. Those "cestas" which we played with were the solution that a few kids had in order to play in the neighborhood. For hours we would throw a golf ball around in imaginary and improvised frontons and enjoyed a sport that thrilled us

At the age of thirteen I went from that "mecanno cesta" to weaving a traditional basket with blue strapping band and from there to experiment with resins and fibers, plastic Pelotas and plastic injection cestas, modular frontons, promotional events etc… always thinking in solving the different problems that ordinary people encounter when introducing themselves and practicing this sport.

Not all of us live in a town like Markina, served with magnificent frontons, cesteros, peloteros and abundant jai alai players. This is an oasis in the desert. I have created this project to bring a piece of this oasis to the most arid areas that exist. I hope that it will solve the problems I had when I was a 12 year old boy and permits others to enjoy this incredible sport.

Iñigo Calzacorta
Ex-jai alai player and manager of SKAIJAI

Group photo on a Jai Alai tournament