“Always thinking in solving the problems that people encounter while taking up pelota.”

Event organization

Organization of events, fiestas, meetings, pelota workshops of all types and levels, exhibition games, etc..

Sporting goods sales

We design and manufacture sports equipment for all levels of practice.

Sport facilities

We design, manufacture and assemble various sports facilities for pelota practice.

Event organization

For obvious reasons it is a complicated task to bring a pelota experience to the different places where people come together. Cultural events, social celebrations, fiestas etc… are ideal moments for new and exciting experiences.

SKAIJAI offers a series of solutions to this problem. We bring pelota to the most unexpected places and we make contacting with and playing pelota easier. Our portable frontons allow us to organize pelota activities that best suit you.

For the young ones

One of the various pelota activities that we have organized is the introduction of boys and girls into the pelota universe through pelota exhibitions and hands on workshops.

For companies

In addition to Introductory courses for corporate events where the goal is to have fun and interact with coworkers we can also arrange exhibition games that serve to promote firms, companies or groups.

For pelota fans

And of course it is also possible to arrange matches or tournaments with professionals to celebrate town festivities.

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Event in the anniversary celebration of the children's television program Betizu Event held in Donostia-San Sebastián

Sporting goods sales

To make pelota closer and more affordable with guaranteed quality and service is a priority for SKAIJAI. We offer the most suitable items for every step of the pelota experience.

  • Toy cesta and balls
  • Initiation cestas and Pelotas
  • Competition grade cestas

All designed for the specific stage in which each person is at.

We are currently developing an online store where you can view and purchase any of the products SKAIJAI offers.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the store in the coming weeks.

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Sport facilities

SKAIJAI has devised a practical and economic fronton that combined with the appropriate sport gear facilitates initiation and development of the correct techniques for pelota.

Now it's easier than ever to have a place to play pelota in your town. Our ball spaces are easy and quick to assemble. They are built with high quality materials.

In SKAIJAI we are constantly researching new materials, trying to achieve the best conditions for our projects, while maintaining the essence and feel in the practice of the different types of pelota.

In the video that follows we show the preparation of a mobil fronton specifically for an event held in Munich a few years ago inside a nightclub.

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